The channel theory


I am waiting to put the hands on my new Oculus Rift ( I also have the first release dk1 ) and I was thinking on how to know if a new device will be a success .

There is a parameter normally underestimate or absolutely not taken into account in the new devices.

It is the size of the communication channel from the user and the device . This is one of the most important and perhaps the most important index to estimate how much a technology will be an advance .

For the Oculus Rift and in general a virtual reality device it is a great increment in the communication channel . The user get an image for each eye and every image can saturate the input channel of each eye, it is possible to create a device with an image definition such that an eye is not able detect more details and also cover completely the field of view of each eye . It is impossible for a monitor to reach the same saturation even increasing ten or hundred times the resolution because the user is not in a fixed position and probably the 50% or more of the information output from a monitor are lost .

That is only an analysis of the 2d but a virtual reality device output stereoscopic images giving a depth information so it give a 3d component .

The last component is the movement , every head movement, rotation give a different image that means another great increase of the information the user receive .

So the increase of the information given to the user from a V.R. device is so big compared to the monitors that every other side-effect is secondary .

This means that this device will not be only a nerdy device , it will be deployed in the future to a very wide range of users .

By this analysis what I suggest is not to put too much effort to solve sickness side-effect problems it is only a problem for people not enough trained to use the device ( something like to give a mouse to someone for the first time ) what really matter is the size of the channel so the direction of the development should be to increase the definition, increase the resolution!


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