The Importance of the Bitcoin story

2013120022 I am what is called an “early adopter” of bitcoin and I follow the evolution of this technology since the beginning . I feel there is an aspect not enough emphasized . I believe in the strong AI ( … a little bit …) and I also know intelligence and the dominant position are 2 different things and a dominant position can exist also without intelligence . Normally when people fear about AI they fear to lose their dominant position. They don’t understand this can happen independently from an intelligence grown. Anyway a technology never had a capability to be in a dominant position against humans … until now . With the bitcoin a program can be the only one to know the keys of a wallet and this let to choose who to pay and for what . So I don’t know if the bitcoin will increase its value to 1000000 $ or if it lose to 0 $ or if there will be a new cryptovalue but bitcoin show how to build a technology that can gain a dominant position against humans .

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