Deep Learning THE LIMITS


Nowadays there is a new name going around in the AI field the “deep learning” the new revolutionary algorithm to solve everything… I am bored to read deep deeep deeeep everywhere . Why deep ? It is Large not deep !? It is only a new name for old stuff with a more powerful hardware. Let me explain where are the troubles. There are 2 main problems or limits in what a Deep Learning can achieve

  1. The fitness of the objective
  2. The low computing possibilities of the agent ( is it only a tree ? Is it universal? )

(1) The learning phase need a function to get a value on how good the behavior of the agent is and like what the NFL theorems say it is not possible to solve the problem for every fitness , it is possible to solve the problem for only special fitness ( if there is not a gradually increasing fitness I think the trainer has some trouble ) (2)  As every programmer know there are very different programs and very different problems and it is difficult to have a program as solution that work fine for different problems . An agent is a program and if it is a NN with many layers is something like a tree it is only one step forward from a table . A tree-program is very limited . It is difficult to run a sat solver program implemented by a tree…( so don’t try to teach a deep learning how to solve the sat ) . Perhaps the “deep learning” use a RNN , ok here we have a graph another step forward but again which complexity ? You can not solve problems with high complexity with low complexity programs … if you want you can do the opposite for example it is possible to implement a sorting solver using a sat-solver but solving an higher complexity with a lower complexity is really a bad idea and in older post I explain why.

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