The Measure of Intelligence

The measure of intelligence of an object X is exactly the Kolmogorov complexity of X .

This come from the simple observation that difficult problems has high KC and for every high KC there are difficult problems .

The interesting thing is to compare an utility function on solving problems . The are a lot of definitions of intelligence based on a measure of utility . The idea is to ask how much can be useful to solve a problem X ? The answer come from the Universal Distribution


From here is simple to understand that simple problems has high probability and so a solution for these problems is more important . It is more useful the ability to solve a simple problem than a difficult one!

This is a utility measure but we can not accept that solving a simple problem is more intelligent than to solve a difficult one so we must split the 2 definitions of Utility and of Intelligence.

Anyway there is this incredible fact that the Universal Distribution tell : The Intelligence is not so useful!

Despite this deduction my attraction and research is reserved for the intelligence .

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