The Free Will

The starting point on define what I think about the will is the my philosophy of “everything is a program” , or better the rilevance of everything is defined but its behaviour as programs.

Starting from here every human and everything can be defined by a program .

Now by my program classification is possible to define programs into 2 main classes .

The first class is the class of programs with finite states and inside this class there are not the universality so this is a class with limited power programs , the behaviour of programs is predictable and finite. In this class splitting the programs in two parts code and parameter the most significative part is the program , what define the behaviour is the program.

The second class contain possible not-halting programs , universality but at the same time this property open the programs to every possible behaviour ( by the universality ) and in this case splitting the program in the two part code-parameter the parameter become the more interesting part what the program do stay into the parameter , the program become something like a translator.

By this characteristic it is clear that the increasing of the expressive powerfull of a program avoid its role in the definition of the behaviour.

Coming back to the free will ( it is clear that I think knowing the state of a program and the program , if there are not  resources limitations  is absolutely possible to know the next state and what the programs do) moving from class 1 to the class 2 direction you obtain more free will becouse the behaviour become more complex , there are less limitation done by the program but at the same time you lose the identity , the programs in the second class can do everything and there are not limitation by the definition of the program.

To better understand is possible to think at the universality as a universal language , you can change the interpreter but if your interpreter has the universality there is a way to do everything under that language .

Concluding increasing the power and the free will of a program you avoid its identity .

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