Limits of Physics and Informatics

I read the interesting chapter 4 “The Implications of a Cosmological Information Bound for Complexity, Quantum Information and the Nature of Physical Law” by P. C. W. Davies of the book “Randomness and Complexity” by Cristian S. Calude .

Here I found my concept of Shannon discrepance in the Physic domain where the size of the state of the universe about 10^122 have drastic consequence in the limits of applications of the laws of Physic .

I report these 2 parts directly from the text:

“If one adopts Landauer’s philosophy, then some serious consequences follow. In effect, one cannot justify the application of the laws of physics in situations employing calculations that involve numbers greater than about 10^122”

and here

“So if the information bound on the universe is interpreted as
an upper limit on the algorithmic information (as opposed to the Shannon

there is exposed the same idea of Shannon Discrepance the difference stay in where to use information limits .

Davies use Information Limits effect to Physic laws I use Information Limits effect to Informatic problems .

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