An Intelligent paradox

By the defintion of absolute intelligence to construct an intelligent object is the most difficult thing but is the most available!

If you can take a binary string in the set of all possible bit strings the major part of them have a very big measure of intelligence , absolute intelligence due to the interesting behaviour of the Kolmogorov complexity .

About for every binary string the Kolmogorov complexity of such strings are equal to the size of the string , the major  part of the strings are uncompressible.


So to construct/find a Kolmogorov complexity is the most difficult thing becouse you need the most imprevedible program but its behaviour is the most frequent in the all possible behaviour!

The problem is that it is impossible to take a string in an arbitrary way! If you take a string in really random way you take also a Kolmogorov complexity but if you act in a deterministic way it is about impossible by definition.

The intelligence stay in a strange limit at the end of deterministic and at the beginning of the stochastic.

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